Our Brewery Restaurant has a Fast Casual style. Sit where you like and order at the register when you are ready. 


Order at the register when ready

Per executive order, First drink order must be accompanied by food order

$1 off first beer with the purchase of a $1 order of chips and salsa


**small batch** Cherry Limeade Sour · 5.5% ABV · 5 IBU · Crowler: $18 (limit one crowler per person)

With fresh lime zest and two pounds per gallon of locally-sourced fresh cherries from Aguilera Farms, this refreshing summer thirst-quencher won’t last long.

13 oz draft·········································$7

Cream Ale · 5.4% ABV · 16 IBU · Crowler: $10 

Classic American style brewed with American 6-row barley and flaked maize. Great lawnmower beer.

20 oz draft·········································$6

Mexican Lager · 5.7% ABV · 18 IBU · Crowler: $11 

Light and crisp, served with a lime. Perfect for a hot day.

16 oz draft·········································$6

Berliner Weisse · Sour  · 4.0% ABV · 7 IBU · Crowler: $10 

Considered by some to be the most refreshing beer in the world, this tart beer is served either as is or with your choice of raspberry or Woodruff syrup.

16 oz draft·········································$6

Hefeweizen · Wheat Beer  · 5.4% ABV · 13 IBU · Crowler: $10 

Classic Bavarian wheat beer, brewed with 50% malted wheat. Notes of banana and clove from characterful yeast.

20 oz draft·········································$6

Betty White · Rye Beer  · 6.0% ABV · 48 IBU · Crowler: $10 

Like Rose, this golden beauty has a rye sense of humor. Golden Pale Ale with rye and Northern Brewer hops.

20 oz draft·········································$6

Iron Mask Saison · French Saison · 6.4% ABV · 28 IBU · Crowler: $10 

A style that originated as a refreshing beer for seasonal farmhands, or "saisonniers." Characterful yeast contributes pear, apple, and cracked pepper, with a moderate bitterness from Saazer-style hops. Finishes bone dry.

20 oz draft·········································$6

Collective Action Problems · California Common · 5.3% ABV · 38 IBU · Crowler: $10

Brewed with lager yeast at ale temperatures, this light copper colored beer exhibits modest maltiness and distinct bitterness from classic American hops. Toasty without being burnt, with rustic woodiness and earthiness from the hops. 

20 oz draft·········································$6

Road to El Dorado · IPA - New England · 6.5% ABV · 30 IBU · Crowler: $15

Tropical, hazy, juicy, blah blah blah. You get it. It's good. Featuring El Dorado and Mosaic hops.

16 oz draft·········································$7


Jack Rabbit Slim's Milkshake IPA · IPA - Milkshake · 6.2% ABV · 25 IBU · Crowler: $15

No, we didn't put bourbon in it or nothin. But we did add over 250 pounds of tangerine puree, milk sugar, Madagascar vanilla beans, and more Citra and Mosaic hops than you can shake a stick at. Goddamn, that's a pretty f*king good milkshake IPA.

16 oz draft·········································$7

Thousand Year Porter · Robust Porter · 5.4% ABV · 52 IBU · Crowler: $10

Robust porter. Roasted, chocolate and caramel malts with a hint of English flavor hops.

20 oz draft·········································$6

Dark Matter · Stout - Imperial · 10.4% ABV · 52 IBU · Crowler: $15 

Intensely flavored, pitch black, and viscous, with a slight alcohol warmth on the finish.

16 oz draft·········································$7


Parapraxis Lager (5.7% ABV, 23 IBU) $6; 4-packs 16 oz cans (to go only): $15

Vienna lager. Toasty and smooth.

Road to El Dorado NEIPA (6.5% ABV, 30 IBU) $6; 4-packs 16 oz cans (to go only): $8

NEIPA featuring El Dorado and Mosaic hops.

The Non-Identity Problem Imperial NEIPA (8.7% ABV, 35 IBU) $6; 4-packs 16 oz cans (to go only): $8

German Pilsner (5.2% ABV, 32 IBU) 4-packs 16 oz cans (to-go only): $15

Classic German Pils. Clean and crisp with a moderate bitterness on the finish.




Strawberry Lemonade Sour (small batch). Release date: Friday, 8/7

A variation of our first small batch sour, we added more lemon in addition to the 1.5 pounds of strawberry per gallon. What other flavors would you like to see in the series? We want your suggestions! The only limitation is your imagination.

Blueberry Limeade Sour (small batch). Tentative release date: Friday, 8/14

We liked our first go at blueberry limeade, we decided we'd brew it again! 

Watermelon Basil Wheat (small batch). Tentative release date: week of 8/17

With basil from our brewer's garden and fresh watermelon, this is a refreshing summertime sipper.

SMaSH the Glass IPA

Single malt, single hop IPA featuring pilsner malt and citra hops.

Golden Goat Imperial NEIPA

Hazy featuring strata hops. Dank as...well, dank.

German Pilsner

Classic German Pils. Clean and crisp with a moderate bitterness on the finish.

Little Philthy

Dark Mild. Low ABV English ale. Dark in color but easy-drinking.

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